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Transport means different things to different industries. You might need to know about the progress of a legislative file in the EU Institutions, which stakeholders are debating your relevant topics or when the TRAN Committee will vote on a key amendment. DeHavilland’s Transport clients are treated as individuals and benefit from personalised information and intelligence that is relevant to their interests.

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The automotive industry has lived through many regulations in the past years, when it comes to emissions, spare parts, fuel mix and the second-hand market. It affects passengers, freight, logistics and the relevant infrastructure. Understanding these major political developments while focusing on the future of transport tech – from decarbonisation to automated vehicles – is paramount for any public affairs team.

DeHavilland’s personalised alerts keep you up to date with all the important developments in the EU Institutions and beyond, while our team of analysts extract the content that matters to you from legislation and policy updates. DeHavilland PeoplePoint also lists thousands of MEPs and EU officials, while our Legislation Tracker makes it easy for you to keep track of the progress of all legislative files.


Maritime transport has been a catalyst for economic development and prosperity throughout the European history connecting Europe’s islands and maritime regions that depend on good maritime links. There has been an effort to reduce emissions from ships through several EU initiatives such as FuelEU Maritime, always in cooperation with the IMO.

Our team makes sure you remain on top of all the relevant policy updates, while providing you with the opportunity to receive the information with the format and the timing that suit your schedule. DeHavilland’s in-house policy team provides additional resources and expertise across the sector including insight into the macro-political context we all operate in.


The aviation sector is a strategically important sector for the EU economy but it is often in the spotlight for its environmental costs. Legislation linked to the Emissions Trading Scheme or Sustainable Aviation Fuels evolves fast, and your organisation needs to know the EU targets and regulations in order to plan ahead.

From environmental policies and the impact of the ICAO to the Single European Sky, DeHavilland tracks all major political updates. Our in-house experts work alongside you to understand your needs and goals – becoming an extension of your team. Real-time alerts make sure you stay ahead of the competition and allow you to avoid any unnecessary risk.


 The European Commission recently published its Greening Freight Transport package which includes a proposal for more efficient use of rail capacity. At the same time, the EU countries will need to implement the new rail passenger rights framework and start preparing for further initiatives on combined transport and multimodal digital mobility.DeHavilland’s cutting edge platform and in-house team of experts will keep you informed of how EU rail policy develops in real-time and give you the tools to influence its progress.

From identifying the right stakeholders at a European level, to providing the key points from the latest legislation and contextualising the rail industry within the broader Transport sector, DeHavilland keeps your public affairs strategy on track.

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Hattie Ireland

Hattie has been at DeHavilland for three years working across the policy and content team, and now leads our infrastructure policy team, specialising in transport policy.

She enjoys being able to work with a range of clients at the forefront of the issues of today, from recovering from the pandemic to efforts to decarbonise the sector.

Before joining DeHavilland, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first class degree in History and Politics where she also spent a year abroad in Washington D.C.

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Michael Cameron – Policy Consultant

Michael joined DeHavilland in August 2022 having previously read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Keble College, Oxford.

He looks after the housing, construction, and local government portfolio, within the wider infrastructure team. Within the housing sector, he particularly enjoys watching the ongoing debate about how and where the UK can build more homes.