Environment and sustainability

Political intelligence for public affairs and government relations in environment and sustainability

Environment and sustainability

Keep up with environmental policy

Keeping up to date with environmental news might be challenging in a world aiming to shift to a circular economy. DeHavilland cuts through the noise and partners with you to keep you informed of updates both in and out of official parliamentary buildings.

Dehavilland services for the environment and sustainaibility in the EU

DeHavilland political intelligence for environment and sustainability

Political monitoring

EU policies related to environment and sustainability aim to protect the environment and biodiversity, minimise risks to human health and can be related to several aspects, such as the Green Deal, or more targeted files, such as the packaging and packaging waste, green claims or empowering consumers for the green transition.  

DeHavilland’s EU consultants are experts in their fields and use the latest technology to keep track of all the developments that matter. They also keep you informed of updates beyond the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council, tracking the stakeholders that are shaping the industry.

Understand new legislation

As climate change is a threat which impacts many different aspects of our lives, decisions related to the environmental sector usually have direct and indirect consequences for several actors. You need to understand how politics will impact your organisation without losing valuable time in the detail.

The DeHavilland team can quickly summarise legislation and provide the context of both the key takeaways and next steps related to environmental files. The Legislation Tracker also provides a global overview of any steps, including the release of reports, opinions and meetings of EU institutions.

Stakeholder mapping

Members of the Commission’s cabinets, MEPs and assistants are shaping the EU policies. With the upcoming elections, the possibilities are numerous.

DeHavilland PeoplePoint gives you access to thousands of contacts, decision-makers and policymakers who can help you shape the future of your advocacy.

Receive policy notes

You know what subjects and topics can impact your organisation. Whether your interests are focused on the circular economy, the right to repair or the revision of the Waste Framework Directive, under the Food and Biodiversity package, you need to understand how the new policies will impact you.

DeHavilland provides briefings of the latest EU proposals, focusing on the impacts of the new policy or revised legislation. Policy Notes written by DeHavilland’s EU experts include aspects related to the broader picture, as well as more precise details which can impact your business.

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Hattie Ireland

Hattie has been at DeHavilland for three years working across the policy and content team, and now leads our infrastructure policy team, specialising in transport policy.

She enjoys being able to work with a range of clients at the forefront of the issues of today, from recovering from the pandemic to efforts to decarbonise the sector.

Before joining DeHavilland, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a first class degree in History and Politics where she also spent a year abroad in Washington D.C.

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Michael Cameron – Policy Consultant

Michael joined DeHavilland in August 2022 having previously read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Keble College, Oxford.

He looks after the housing, construction, and local government portfolio, within the wider infrastructure team. Within the housing sector, he particularly enjoys watching the ongoing debate about how and where the UK can build more homes.